2017.4.22-28 Guangzhou Wenshen Cosmetics CO.,Ltd Internal physical training

December 28, 2017

In order to make all staff have a more healthy and strong physique, understand the importance of team unity and cooperation, never give up whatever how hard it is and so on entrepreneurial spirit, Wenshen company organized all employees came to Foshan Military Training Base for a week of training on April 22. Through training, we learned the importance of teamwork, including how to improve the efficiency of organizational work, how to establish effective communication, how to enhance the sense of trust between teams and build an efficient team. Moreover, how to effectively relieve the pressure of work and do our own work well. More significantly, we learn to be grateful for all the people around, parents, relatives, friends even strangers. Because of you, life is better


Guangzhou Wenshen Cosmetic company is a big family, we love each other, go hand in hand, work together and make progress together to provide high quality of products and services for our customers.