2017.6.30-2017.7.2 Guangzhou Wenshen Cosmetics Co., Ltd. To Guangxi Guilin Tourism

December 28, 2017

"Guilin Landscape a world, Yangshuo landscape a Guilin" Because there with "Mountain green, water clear, strange peaks, Ingenious Caves." .

Yangshuo has a mild climate and pleasant seasons. The Lijiang River, which flows 69 kilometers through Yangshuo, is the most spectacular part of the Lijiang River. Yangshuo Legends of the Zhuang Fairy singer Sanjie Liu throw embroider ball for love beside the millennium old banyan, there are visitors at home and abroad breathtaking Moon Mountain wonders, there is known as "small Lijiang River" of the Dragon River, there are leisurely and comfortable West street, famous beer fish ... Everything, so that people do not want to leave.

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