On November 23, 2017, at the Dahongmen International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, the 2nd "Entrepreneurs China" Annual Beauty Forum and "Wings of Phoenix" Awards Gala were held in Beijing,hosted by China Small and Medium Business Association.

December 28, 2017

It is reported that the theme of this conference is "Discover beauty. Create beauty. Share beauty". It aims to honor advanced industries, create celebrities and share positive energy.

During the conference, Liu Xuemin said that the branch of China Small and Medium Business Association has been developing rapidly since its establishment last year. From the first Forum on the Development of Vocational Education in China to the preparation of vocational teaching materials, and then to the implementation of the talent evaluation station, the leap has been made. The speed of development goes beyond the vast majority of industry associations. Beauty industry is the pioneer.

In addition, at the conference, representatives of participating entrepreneurs also published reports and analyzes of related enterprises, and held the launching ceremony respectively on the preparation of the textbooks for the teaching of the tattoo, the writing of the hairdressing materials, and the tattoo teaching materials of the China Vocation Vocational Education.

Association leaders speech: China Small and Medium Business Association branch executive vice president of Beauty Industry - Lu Haijun, respectively, made a speech.

In the evening, the red carpet catwalks officially ushered in the grand opening of the "First Wind Wings" China Beauty Star Awards Gala. The guests present at the awards dinner included General Liu Laiyun, former vice minister of the General Political Department, and General Gong Guangxin, former deputy director of the Central Security Bureau, and hundreds of excellent representatives of the beauty industry attended the ceremony.

They are fully affirmed their past achievements with a dozen awards, but also expect them to be able to make greater contributions to the industry in the future!